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What Are You Doing to Prepare and Position Your Destination and Travel Partners for Success in 2021?

The challenges facing the Travel Industry due to COVID-19 will continue through 2021. However, with recovery prospects on the horizon for next year, preparing and positioning travel organizations to successfully navigate the choppy road to recovery will be essential. Destination Marketing Organizations, Travel Companies, Local Businesses and Economic Development Agencies will need to continue to… Read more »

Hyper-local, Hyper-fast to drive Visitor Demand and Economic Recovery

For travel companies, the window of opportunity is closing to impact the 2020 travel season. In order to fast-track visitor demand and economic recovery; destinations, lodging companies, attractions and local businesses must build a hyper-local, hyper-fast packaging strategy. The mantra of the hyper-local leisure traveler is point-of-purchase packages that combine safety, convenience and curate local… Read more »

Essential Strategies for Hotels and Lodging Properties in a Hyper-Local, Hyper-Competitive Market

The challenges for the hotel industry due to the current crisis are unprecedented. As shelter-in-place shifts, for lodging properties to relaunch and generate revenues, it will require new and innovative thinking. Hotels must reinvent their guest experience to navigate the unchartered waters of the hyper-local, hyper-competitive market. To attract future guests, the price of admission… Read more »

Recovery Resources for the Travel Industry

Dear Tourism Colleague, The challenges in the Travel Industry due to the current crisis are unprecedented. In order to relaunch your tourism economy, it will not be business as usual but will require new and innovative thinking to navigate the unchartered waters of a new landscape. At some point in the near future, the economy… Read more »