Hyper-local, Hyper-fast to drive Visitor Demand and Economic Recovery

For travel companies, the window of opportunity is closing to impact the 2020 travel season. In order to fast-track visitor demand and economic recovery; destinations, lodging companies, attractions and local businesses must build a hyper-local, hyper-fast packaging strategy.

The mantra of the hyper-local leisure traveler is point-of-purchase packages that combine safety, convenience and curate local as well as regional highlights. Hyper-local travelers are also looking for more frequent shorter regional getaways.

To drive visitor demand and economic recovery, Destination Marketing Organizations must act as the community catalyst to facilitate the development, marketing and promotion of compelling package products with their partners.

This requires that travel companies grow their business model beyond Business to Consumer and leverage their offerings. This is achieved by packaging their offerings with other companies using a Business to Business to Consumer model. Travel providers that wrap up their offerings with other businesses, achieve greater business results and help the community at large.  Speed is the metric for achieving success!

Hyper-local travelers are also looking for new ways to see familiar places. This means it is imperative to refresh and innovate visitor offerings.

To assist Destination Marketing Organizations, Lodging companies, Attractions, Restaurants and Local businesses fast-track visitor demand, join me for a free Zoom webinar:

“Hyper-local, Hyper-fast to drive Visitor Demand and Economic Recovery”

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  • Tuesday, July 28 from 2 to 3 p.m. EST – REGISTRATION CLOSED
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The program will feature:

  • Current hyper-local travel trends and market intelligence
  • Why Destination Marketing Organizations must facilitate and promote point-of-sale packages
  • Potential Hyper-local visitor segments
  • The skills and tools travel suppliers need to build compelling products
  • How to create package sizzle that attract customers, PR and social media attention

Time to fast-track results for 2020 that will drive visitor demand and economic recovery in the hyper-local market is slipping away.

For additional information or assistance, please contact me at joe@venetocollaboratory.com or (617) 786-9096.

Join me on either Tuesday, July 28 or Thursday, July 30 to create hyper-local, hyper-fast results for your destination or travel company.