Experience Design Studio™ Academy


An innovative program for Destinations, Travel Attractions and Businesses to develop Unforgettable Revenue-Producing, Market-Ready Tourism Experiences for their Organization or Business

The Experience Design Studio™ program description:

The Design Studio™ Academy is an open enrollment program that provides the essential tools, skills and abilities to design and develop new unforgettable tourism experiences that are market-ready, revenue-producing, and will amaze and delight customers. This virtual program runs for seven months, and enrollment is limited to ten participating organizations per cohort.

Participants learn the proven Experience Design Studio™ process implemented with destinations and their partners throughout North America. The process includes: designing and developing, storycrafting and storyboarding, scripting, staging and testing, marketing and selling, and launching and managing new experiential offerings.

Experience Design Studio™ Process:

Ideal Participants:

Product development specialists, program designers, marketers or business owners from tourism attractions, cultural organizations, nature and historic sites, restaurants, breweries, wineries, retail shops, lodging properties and tourism-related businesses responsible for creating new tourism offerings.

Program Methodology & Materials:

Organizations are guided through each step of the Experience Design Studio™ process with online video lessons, facilitated monthly hands-on workshop sessions, individual mentoring and coaching, skill building assignments, turn-key templates and proven product development techniques.

Program Overview:

Participants are guided through each step of the process. The program includes the following:

Video Lessons and Tools: Participants view monthly video lessons that teach the knowledge and skills needed to complete each part of the process. Quick reference tools are provided to make the topics readily accessible.

Worksessions: During a live, hands-on virtual, three-hour worksession each month conducted by a coach/facilitator, participants work on their assignments with coaching and feedback. This is an opportunity to get support in completing the monthly assignments and work.

Mentoring: Each month, participants receive a 60-minute individual mentoring and coaching session. Their assigned coach provides guidance and support to complete assignments, handle any challenges, and produce an unforgettable experience.

Assignments: There is a monthly assignment to complete such as conducting research, crafting stories, writing a draft script, capturing a staging video of the experience for feedback, as well as preparing a marketing and sales plan.

Turnkey Templates: Proven turnkey templates are included for all assignments to provide a useful framework and make them easier to complete.

The Veneto Collaboratory Design Studio was a game changer for my business and the services I offer. Their team of professional consultants with great insight and experience made me really think about how to create and deliver a lasting market-ready experience for my clients.

Patrick Carrick

Founder, Rhythm by Nature, Columbia Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Program Outline:

The program is delivered as a virtual cohort. Each month features a 30 to 60-minute video lesson along with a preworkshop assignment, a live, virtual hands-on worksession to complete work and gain feedback, assignments to complete using templates, and an individual 60-minute mentoring session for each participant. All work sessions and mentoring are completed virtually, participation is required.

Orientation Session: Program Overview and Welcome

Month Content Focus
1 Designing and Developing Unforgettable Experiences
2 The Art of Storycrafting
3 Nurturing the Narrative; Outlining and Storyboarding
4 Creating an Engaging Script
5 Staging and Testing: Launching and Marketing Experiences
6 Creating Sales Success
7 Managing Delivery Excellence; Experience Showcase

Program Outcome:

Create one new market-ready, revenue-producing tourism experience.

Upcoming Dates:

The next program starts in April 2024 and runs through October 2024.

Program Investment:

Tuition for each organization is $7,500 USD (up to three team members) which is due upon enrollment in the program.

Candidate Qualifications and Application Process:

Candidates are accepted into the program following an application and interview process.

This fast-track program has ambitious objectives for developing a real, market-ready offering. Successful candidates must be able to meet the course deadlines and devote sufficient time to the video lessons, workshops, individual mentoring meetings and monthly assignments. All program work needs to be completed on time and within the designated timeline of the schedule.

Candidates should have proficient writing skills and appropriate subject matter knowledge to prepare draft stories, scripts and other materials needed to develop the experience.

Experiences are the currency of 21st century travelers. They want local, authentic and unique destination experiences that connect to a place.

Joe Veneto

Chief Experience Officer, Veneto Collaboratory

For more information:

Please contact Joe Veneto, Chief Experience Officer at joe@venetocollaboratory.com or at (617) 786-9096.