Recovery Resources for the Travel Industry

Dear Tourism Colleague,

The challenges in the Travel Industry due to the current crisis are unprecedented. In order to relaunch your tourism economy, it will not be business as usual but will require new and innovative thinking to navigate the unchartered waters of a new landscape.

At some point in the near future, the economy will start moving again, and travelers will be eager for new experiences.

But … what they’ll be looking for will be very different and you’ll have to adjust your experience and offerings to succeed in the post-lockdown recovery.

There are at least three big changes ahead in the post-crisis market:

  • Hyper-local Customers
    The Tourism restart will be built around a very different customer: people who live locally and within the regional drive market of your destination. Because they know you the best, it will take more to get them in the door. They will need to see you in a new light and you will need to give them a new reason to visit.
  • Exciting Tourism Product
    After the lock-down, customers will crave connections in a new way. New authentic and local experiences that showcase destination attractions and support community businesses will be sought-after.
  • Seamless Travel Packages 
    Easy-to-buy offerings that combine safety and convenience will be essential to lure the new hyper-local travel market. Consumers want packages that have been curated to create a stress-free experience.

To assist your organization and the Travel Industry in the recovery effort, I have developed a series of interactive virtual presentations where I will show you how to deliver what you need so that the economic recovery is also a recovery for your destination and areas businesses.

Here is a brief list of sessions available for destinations, lodging companies and attractions that will drive recovery results:

Essential Strategies to Drive Success in a Hyper-Local Recovery:
As the economy begins moving and shelter in place shifts, will you be ready for recovery? What travelers will be looking for will be very different and you will need to adjust your offerings to succeed in a post-lockdown recovery.

The next few weeks and months will be critical to implement a plan and generate opportunity. Discover the essential strategies you and your organization must implement to drive success in a hyper-local recovery.

5 Crucial Actions Your Destination Must Take to Succeed in the Coming Hyper-Local Recovery:

After the COVID lockdowns, destinations like yours need to understand the strategies and tactics that this new recovery will require.

When shelter in place shifts it won’t be “take me anyplace else” it will be “where can I drive, where I can have authentic experiences with my family or my tribe?”

Re-engineer your customer business model to be relevant. Become a “community connector” and resource for local businesses, residents and visitors in a hyper-local market. Your destination and community partners will be well positioned for recovery success.

Essential Strategies Lodging Properties must implement to succeed in a Hyper-Local Recovery:

Re-invent your guest experience for safety and comfort in order to prosper in recovery. You must pivot to attract a new type of guest and implement a hyper-local business strategy to succeed.

Compelling consumer travel packages will be a key component to drive bookings and revenues. If you embrace these strategies, your lodging property will succeed in a hyper-local market.

Key Pivots Attractions must make to Succeed in a Hyper-Local Recovery:

To attract post-lockdown travelers, your attraction must innovate your offerings and re-imagine your customer experience.

Hyper-local customers will want new engaging and immersive experiences that create memorable connections to attractions and local businesses.

Driving Revenue and Results with Travel Packaging:
The Mantra of travelers in the post lockdown hyper-local recovery will be safety, ease and convenience.

All tourism-related businesses must anticipate, curate and create compelling travel packages that are available online to drive bookings and revenues. This will ensure that you will generate revenues and results with travel packaging.

After 25 years guiding Destination Marketing Organizations, Lodging Properties and Attractions through challenges and change like the dot-com bust, 9/11 and the Global Recession, taking action has never been more imperative.

Time is of the essence for your destination and travel partners to put the strategies and plans in place to generate results once the economy starts to open up.

Please contact me at, call 617-786-9096 or visit for additional information on how I might provide assistance to you in your efforts.

I look forward to helping you and your Partners reboot your Tourism Economy and benefit from the coming recovery.

Joe Veneto
Chief Experience Officer
Veneto Collaboratory