Category: Experience Lab

Explore Charleston

Joe and his team have the process, skills, and tools to help destinations find their authentic stories in order to elevate and create visitor experiences that bring people back.

Visit Phoenix

The Lab empowered me to open my mind and identify the abundant possibilities that already exist in our community.

Richmond Region Tourism

I would recommend that DMOs attend the Experience Lab. The program demonstrates how Visitor Experience departments can demonstrate their value and learn the skills and tools to build destination stories into unforgettable experiences.

Texas Historical Commission

Joe’s enthusiasm is infectious, and his experience is irrefutable. If you are interested in creating new tourism experiences or elevating existing ones, attend the Veneto Collaboratory Experience Lab.

Travel Lane County

The Experience Lab is inspirational. It is a seamless learning experience about delivering meaningful destination memories. It provides both the front-end customer experience as well as the behind-the-scenes logistics in one seamless journey.